Our Story

At Rosie's Ranch, we strive to provide an inclusive therapeutic riding environment where children, with and without special needs, are able to connect with an equine partner and each other, under the guidance of qualified staff, building self-confidence, literacy, and language skills through educational and equine assisted activities.

Meet Mary Mosher-Stathes

Mary Mosher-Stathes, has two passions in life: spending time with her horses, and teaching deaf children to communicate.

In April 2010, Mary bought a horse ranch in Parker, Colorado, in order to merge her two passions. She and a dedicated board and group of volunteers are creating a family-centered, authentic Western atmosphere, where children with deafness or other oral language hurdles can expand verbal and reading skills through equine connections.

Mary has dedicated over 40 years to educating children with deafness and helping them listen and speak. She has received numerous state-wide and national awards for her work, including the 2007 Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year Award. In her retirement she and her husband built her dream, this very special equine facility for children. Rosie's Ranch is a supportive and welcoming place where children with special needs learn from their peers and children without special needs learn how to be a friend to someone very different than themselves. In 2018, Mary was honored at the 44th Sportswoman of Colorado Annual Awards Celebration for work creating Rosie's Ranch. That special award was for EMPOWERMENT.

Our Namesake

Mary had a long-standing dream to have a facility where kids and horses could be together. Mary knew that horses leave footprints on your heart. She had no doubt about that - it’s just impossible to interact with a horse and walk away unchanged.

The first step towards realizing this dream was to purchase a property. In 2010, Mary and Kirk Stathes bought a 10-acre parcel of horse property in Parker, Colorado.

At a private celebration, after the purchase, Kirk said “What should we call the ranch?”

The answer came in an instant: "Rosie’s Ranch!", Mary exclaimed.

Rosie was Mary’s horse - her dream horse! Mary purchased Rosie in 2004 when Rose was just 4 years old. Rosie was impressive - a gray Holsteiner Warmblood mare, 16 hands, bred for jumping and acquired from Crooked Willow Farms. They were the perfect fit from their first day, forward. Rosie was Mary's trusty companion until Rosie's death February 20, 2016.